In the Arab world, we often find ourselves doing things that don’t entirely make sense, yet we do
them anyway as part of our culture. From our obsession with plastic wrapping everything we own,
to overdressing in nine-inch heels to the beach, we’ve all partaken in these strange idiosyncrasies.
In any case, we wanted teenagers in the region to know that if ever faced with bizarre moments
such as these, and need fresh thinking, the only solution is to...GIVE THEM A MENTOS! 
Our campaign TVC below aired in twelve countries across the region.
We also kept our audience engaged on social media through branded content, posting 'daily memes' inspired by hillarious cultural insights from everyday life that Arab teens can relate to.
And with a little help from Twitter, we also sent out Mentos Packs to those in serious need
of fresh thinking. Giving people a Mentos digitally, but also in reality.
MENTOS | #GiveThemAMentos