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    Cover for book about a teenager in the Spanish Civil War
Dibuixos al mur, a book by Aurora Ruá for Tandem publishing company, was released some months ago.
It’s a juvenile book, about a child who discovers the life of another teenager that lived during the Spanish Civil War, through his drawings in a hospital that used to be a concentration camp during the war.
Each chapter is about what he discovered about the boy from his drawings on the walls. This one shows what the printing house looked like after being burnt down, with all the ashes of the books on the street.
Unfortunately the publisher preferred not to include inside illustrations, but only one for the cover. It was a narrow landscape design, for a collection that has that format.
Here are several tests for the design and color, until I got to the final version. You can see the boy without any features, only a silhouette with a fire background, quite subtle.