Yamota "Healthy Brunch Bar" - Visual Branding

Giving new healthy brunch experience for active people

Being active and busy doesn’t mean you can’t live a healthy life. That’s why Yamota gives simple solution for those who needs daily nutritions and energy to contend with their daily tasks without losing time. Even they pushed to be productive, they still can get their energy filled to the fullest.
The exciting part is when they challenged us to make a Branding and Visual that can represent Yamota in a simple way, because the target audience is active people with a little time, so we need to make an identity that easy and fast to be recognize. Not to be forget, can represent the value of the brand itself. This is our visual solution for Yamota.

We made a logotype with a distinctive shape that also can be a logo mark. We spotlight the “Y” with more effort to make it more iconic. We also add some value about nature and modern at the same time to tell people that this product is for active people with healthy lifestyle.

Project Scope: Branding, Logo Design, Packaging design
Year: 2022
Team: SlabPixel 
Creative Director: Piko RizkyPurwaji Santoso
Graphic Designer: Panca Septiana
Motion Designer: Bayu Ananda 
Yamota "Healthy Brunch Bar" - Visual Branding