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    Ken Taylor Thor poster
The poster was created for Mondo for the American release of the movie, Thor.

When considering what perspective to take on the movie poster’s design Ken moved away from packing it with action and focussed on the character and backstory of Thor himself. Which required more reference than a couple of shots of him playing a God in his living room.

As Ken poured through the mythology a wave of symbolism gave way allowing him to design the way he loves to, with everything adding another layer of meaning. Here is a list of all the symbolism you can appreciate alongside the final artwork.

The circle surrounding the star map is marked with evenly spaced nordic rune symbols. When put together these spell, “God of Thunder”.

Within the star map Ken has suggested two constellations. These are Ursa Minor and Major. When these are depicted together they are believed in Norse Mythology to astrologically represent Thor.

Overlapping the star map is a large red world to the left and a smaller red world on the bottom right. Ken has used these to symbolise the two realms most relevant to Thor’s journey, Asgard and Earth. The other 7 circles placed in between represent the other realms that occur in Norse Mythology.

Just like any great map there is something to be learned from every line. Not just the history and the symbolism but also the likeness of the hero, the sweep of each fold of his cape and the immaculate attention to detail and lighting which give the poster such perfect pacing and mood.

It is true to Ken’s generous spirit that he gives so much back to anyone who takes the time to appreciate his work. We hope you have enjoyed it as much as we have.

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