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    KVLT is a foldable lounge chair, made from birch wood planks, wooden articulating joints, and canvas.
KVLT: The Foldable Lounge Chair

Project Leads: Naroth Murali and Akbar Yunos

KVLT is a foldable lounge chair, born from an exploratory and experimental design process centred around the theme of 'skin and bones'. It is able to collapse into a portable structure for easy storage. 

This working prototype is made from birch wood planks, jelutong wooden joints, and canvas. 
The exploration of the chair's folding mechanism stemmed from a set of rudimentary ice cream sticks and rubber bands. 
The beauty of this chair lies in the way it folds into a very compact form along two axes, and through the use of articulating joints. It utilizes the canvas skin to distribute weight along the joints, acting like a hammock.