Feedforward Sounds 01 // Rhythmic Processing

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  • Sound design is a mix of engineering, programming, performing and a mountain of patience :  )
    I've been moving forward on this path for almost 30 years, growing up listening to the smallest variation in sound around me, asking myself tons of questions on why things sound the way they sound.
    Finally I feel ready to start sharing the experience I gained out of years of work, sometimes insane experiments, and countless hours spent in trying to figure out unique ways to create original sounds and music.

    This is the beginning of my Feedforward Sounds series, a series based on advanced and experimental sound design techniques, primarily designed for producers, artists and audio professionals who wish to enrich their workflow in unique ways.
  • Rhythmic Processing is a technique that allows the creation of multiple rhythmic elements, in real-time, from a single instrumental part. The dynamic accents of the instrumental part (in this case an acoustic guitar) are routed into several plugin chains, each one creating a separate rhythmic element.
    Video Workflow ▸ concept behind the technique ▸ recording of initial instrumental part ▸ setup of the Live session ▸ detailed function of each individual plugin chain ▸ final performance ▸ final notes. 
    You can purchase “FFS 01 // Rhythmic Processing” for $9.99 on Gumroad (credit card only) here, or with PayPal here.
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    These 4 tracks further illustrate how Rhythmic Processing works and how it reacts when applied to different source material:
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    These are some inital reviews, that include several useful comments from reader/users:
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    Here's what other musicians say about Rhythmic Processing:
    "Great work on the series, I enjoyed what you created and it was presented with your characteristic warm energy and clean and clear instruction."  Gotye (Grammy Award Winner multi-instrumentalist, producer and artist)
    "What a great video! How generous and exciting to share your ideas and techniques in such a clear way! I really dig this approach that is anchored in using actual fresh sounds as the core building structure of the final product."  Nathan Johnson (film composer, producer, and songwriter: Looper, Don Jon, The Brothers Bloom)
    "Lets get real here: We all want to know how Diego creates his sounds and why they sound so damn good and unique! Well with his new video series FeedForward Sounds, he gives us an insightful look into his craft. To sum it up, it is a must watch!"  Sascha Dikiciyan | Sonic Mayhem (video game composer: Mass Effect 3, Tron, Quake series, Dead Rising 3, Borderlands)
    "Great to actually see how you create your sound. Inspiring." iOSonik
    "I bought this a couple of days ago and just watched it now. I've seen many hundreds of hours of audio and music related videos but never learned as much in 10 minutes. You're the ultimate analog thinker but at the same you're expanding digital processing techniques. Looking forward to the next one!" David McNamara
    "Really great video. I never would have thought to use envelopes like that." James Dean
    "You are one of the reasons why I am getting more and more involved in the sound design field. I will definitely buy all these tutorials and hopefully one day manage to attend a workshop. Thanks Diego!" Hugo A. Zarate
    "VERY good information. Definitely goes beyond “Let’s see what this sounds like backwards.” ;)" Mike Rinehart
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    I wanted to create a series of educational videos that would work as a direction to point at, and not as an absolute destination where everybody ends up at the same time with the same results. I hope you’ll enjoy the experience and feel inspired to create something unique!
    I’m offering each video for $9.99, which is a very reasonable sum for any professional and at the same an accessible number if you’re a student and not yet making money out of your work.
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    You can purchase “FFS 01 // Rhythmic Processing” for $9.99 on Gumroad (credit card only) here, or with PayPal here.
    If you have more question feel free to contact me on Twitter @DiegoStocco, on my website or post a comment on YouTube