I worked with Ogilvy & Mather, India on their Vodafone campaign. 
The unique selling propostition of this campaign is: This network is made for you. 
Published in The Times Of India, Sunday Times, front page & Hindustan Times
This was for the occasion of Rakhi. Published as a newspaper advertisement in North East India.
Press Release
Further below is the unpublished work. I have used a different font and the logo for the purpose of displaying my work.
Unpublished Rakhi ads
Unpublished Rakhi ads
Unpublished Rakhi ads
Unpublished Rakhi ads
Unpublished | Bombay times Pg3
Unpublished | Bombay Times, Games section.
Unpublished | Biombay Times, Movies Section.
Unpublished | Front Page, Times Of India
Unpublished | Times Of India, City
Unpublished | Times Of India, Editorial
Unpublished | Times Of India, Global
Unpublished | Times Of india, Nation
Unpublished | Times Of India, Nation
Unpublished | Times Of India, Business
Unpublished | Times Of India, Sports
Unpublished | Bombay Times, Games.
Unpublished Ambient Media
Unpublished Ambient Media | Airports
Unpublished Ambient Media | Highways
Unpublished Ambient Media | Bus Terminals
Unpublished Ambient media | Basements
Unpublished Press Media
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