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Brand Identity: The Eclectic Hotel and The Belley
A Hotel For The Creative Soul 
NOTE: School of Visual Arts Project
I wanted to know if I could create a dynamic and engaging brand. I took Brand Identity: Creating An Image at the School of Visual arts. Within minutes of the first class, I knew I was in the right place.

The class project was to create a Hotel brand with various touch points. The touch points were a logo and a stationary system. Large print posters, key cards, packaging, and promotional items. If there was time, I could create similar elements for the hotel’s restaurant.
The Eclectic Hotel
I’ve been fortunate to travel the world. I saved money on hotels by staying at hostels. I’ve always been indifferent to hotels, I cared more about the city and country rather than where I slept. Thus, I made myself the perfect client for the hotel. I created a hotel appealing to a lover of experiences and unenthusiastic of hotels.
As the client for the hotel, I thought of aspects of my aesthetic life that would make me say, ‘‘Ohhh, that’s dope.” The Eclectic Hotel is a bold and vibrant environment. A place for art, creativity, and the entrepreneurial spirit in New York’s Soho district. Its restaurant, The Belley, served eclectic fare of french and Caribbean vegan food (I’m vegan).
Business card (Left) & Key Card (Right)
Posters & Welcome Book
I wanted hand lettering elements coursing through the brand. The lettering had to exude the flair and personality of a creative hand. The handwritten elements in combination with a standard typeface blended well together.
The colors were optimistic, daring, and imaginative. Reflecting the people who would stay and experience The Eclectic. The hues are brand attributes and emotions guests experience through the touchpoints.
Welcome Book
Promotional Items
As much as I love the visual and I’m enchanted by the verbal. Any brand I create must through words express its character in cheeky, smart, and bold ways.
The copy kept the ideals of The Eclectic alive and pulsating. The words became the manifestation of The Eclectic’s essence and the color tones of its spirit. The viewer should feel the hotel calling their name. Beckoning, siren-like to experiencing a place unlike any other. The Eclectic is the home for their creative musings, wanderings, and journey.
Tote Bags (Left) & Luggage Tag (Right)
The Belley, 
The Restaurant 
The logo mark similarities to The Eclectic but with its own flair. The Belley was named after Jean-Baptiste Belley was the first black man to hold a government position within French history and has important contributions to the Haitian revolution (I’m Haitian). 
The Menu With Real Recipes 
Napkins (Left) & Coasters (Right)
Visitors to The Eclectic and The Belley are on the vanguard of different ideas, ventures, and ways of being. The Eclectic is the place where their creativity will dance with a community and hope.
A Full Look of All 
The Eclectic & The Belley Elements
Brand Identity: The Eclectic Hotel and The Belley

Brand Identity: The Eclectic Hotel and The Belley


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