As part of our Annual College Fest, Dfrost, Microsoft organised an application design contest. They supplied a brief that we could work on and present the output in a week during the fest.
The Brief:
Thousands of people in India use money order , other payment solutions e.g. Western union every day to send money to their loved ones; but frankly, none of them are very easy to use and require a visit to physical offices. We would like you to design an windows phone/ windows tablet service that makes money transfer easier, simpler and always accessible.
The system I proposed was building a platform similar to Paypal or Google Wallet wherein you transfer money into the account for usage. Payees can be added to this application and after authorisation is complete, transferring money is possible in simple way. This service would simply act as a middleman, who would fill up the paper work required and send it if required i.e, there had to exist a service company which would be responsible for doing some of the formalities associated with more complicated payment tasks. Thus the application would serve as your personal accountant.
Propayl means a way of propelling your payments.
The Panoramic home screen
The taskflow for transferring money to an existing contact.