MAGCHIC-Wireless Charging Kit
Industrial Design
Wireless Charging Stand & Wireless Power Bank 

MAGCHIC wireless charging combo includes a magsafe rechargeable battery and desktop wireless charger. The desktop wireless charger can be placed flat on the desktop or folded and placed upright, suitable for different scenarios. It also has a magnetic charging function, both as a wireless charging stand and to charge the magsafe wireless charging battery. The magnetic design allows users to conveniently pick up and place the rechargeable battery, while also keeping it fully charged at all times. 

We have adopted a simple geometric design so that it can not only match more usage scenarios, but also be used in subsequent products to create a series of desktop magnetic suction products.

Client / MAGCHIC 
Category / Wireless Charging Stand & Wireless Power Bank 
Date / 2021

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MAGCHIC-Wireless Charging Kit
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