An experimental short film

This short film is about relationships and the connections between them.

     The last segment of this film is based on a short story "Stroke of guilt" by Priyank Saxena.
Stroke Of Guilt
by Priyank Saxena
It was just a regular day of fatigue for me. Felt asleep as soon as I lay on the bed. It was a different ringtone of my cell which broke my unconsciousness at midnight. It was my mother’s call. She was scared and terrified, talking to me. She told me that my father just survived a heart attack. And they were on their way to hospital.
Within no time I was in my car to drive 180 kilometers. I started recalling the time when I spoke to him last. I was in an office meeting when my cell rung. I apologized and kept my cell on vibration mode. Still it kept vibrating. I was frustrated by everything that has happened in the meeting. My frustration burst on dad when I saw four miscalls from him. “If I was not picking up the call, couldn’t you wait?” and I just ended the call without giving him the time to say a word.
Now, that I realized my last words to him. I was feeling ashamed of myself. I am guilty. Due to me, he is in such critical condition. I was full of tears by just imagining my life without my father. What he has done and sacrificed to bring me up. Whenever I asked him for something he brought it without ever giving me a chance to ask again. Now, I realized that he just expects some love in response.
I am a well-settled and well-earning software engineer. Got that much busy in my life that I could hardly spare time to talk to my parents, even on phone. Don’t know when I got transformed from a son to an earning beast.
I was eager to tell my father how much I love him, but I don’t know whether I would be able to tell him or not?
     We created this film with limited resources and even less spare time. Everyone involved in this project has contributed in everything. We all developed the story, dialogues and setup. We spent time, discussing and arranging required things. We looked for all kind of support in terms of equipments, locations, wardrobe, artwork etc. We searched for music, all across the Internet for supportive artists.

    Fortunately, we received support from all. Online references of most of the artists and artwork are available below on this project page.
The experiment
1. Resources
     Since, we had limited time and resources available with us; we had to choose young actors to portray aged characters. For this, we shot the old age characters by using getup with contrast and different styles of conversations. 
2. Language
     We developed this film in 4 languages.
     • Hindi
     • Urdu
     • English (UK)
     • English (US)
     We have tried to localize the usage of each language.
Though, we know that it is impossible to convey the real expressions. Nevertheless, we tried by searching for appropriate proverbs and references to depict the feeling as close as possible.
3. Cinematography
     We tried to shoot and edit the film to convey the experience of watching old TV serials.
Film links on Vimeo
Sandesh in Hindi
Paigaam in Urdu
The Message in English (UK)
A Message in English (US)
Priyank Saxena
Support in development
Vikram Singh Baghel
"Don't take life too seriously, Nobody makes it out ALIVE anyways" = )
Support in development and act(father)
Amitesh Srivastava
Support in development & Act(son)
Parul Raj
Voice over(customer care executive)
Rashid Qamar
everything you want is on the other side of fear.
Act(friend of father)
Kundan Mishra
I am a seeker who seeks nothing..!
Act(friend of son)
Jayant Nathani
Nothing is permanent in Life. Keep Smiling :)
Vijayan Amalraj
Equipments and act(friend of son)
Vaibhav Mittal
Sets and act(friend of son)
Sanjay Kumar
Act(friend of son)
Bhupender Tabiyad
Act(friend of son)
Deepti Singh
Voice over(mother)
Mufaddal Ali
Language Expertise(Urdu subtitles)
Prabhjot Singh
An amature poet, a thinker and a follower of entirety.
Support in inspirations
Eslam Mohamed (from Egypt)
NFL Artwork
Kevin MacLeod
Support in Music
Laurent Danis
Support in Music
Indian by Laurent Danis
Jeris Quinn
Support in Music
La Madeline au Truffe by Jeris Quinn
Brad Turcotte
Support in Music
Sägnik and Krishnaroop
Support in Music
Patiala Connection by Sägnik and Krishnaroop
Raga Rasoi by Sägnik and Krishnaroop
Support in Music
Dark Piano and Violin by
Brice (Pang Pung)
Support in Music
Randy Granger
Musician, composer and recording artist. USA.
Support in Music
The Dog Star by Randy Granger


A short film, experimenting with in the areas of Language, Cinematography & Acting.
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