Shop KP Retail Space and Collateral Materials
: environmental graphics / branding
The purpose of this retail space was to provide a warm, welcoming place for people to feel comfortable with the subject of health care reform and to learn what their options are in this new consumer arena. The Kaiser Permanente brand was introduced to consumers via Shop KP and a new expression of the brand was born. Shades of green and blue were used in the space to embody the ideas of health and wellness. A theme of “learn, choose, thrive”  was shown through the use of icons that were hallmark graphics in the space. A signature “Thrive” wall in chartreuse green anchored the space and provided instant brand recognition. Collateral and branded materials were provided in both English and Spanish languauge formats. Together, these elements made for a well-branded, friendly, and innovative space.
Hermes Creative Awards, Platinum Winner  
GD USA 2014 InHouse Winner, Certificate of Excellence