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    The purpose-driven university
Arizona State University had an ambitious and forward-thinking strategic plan: to remake the American university, rethinking the university’s role and the way it is organized.  Working with ASU President Michael Crow, we developed a comprehensive communication program framing the vision of the New American University in a way that it might better resonate with non-academic audiences.  

BMD worked collaboratively with university leaders to arrive at a strategic framework that focuses on the challenges we face in the 21st century and ASU’s commitment to meeting them. As part of this process, BMD helped excavate and frame the university’s brand values and vision. BMD worked with ASU to translate their brand visually and verbally, providing guidelines for a new brand program that would communicate the vision and inspire their diverse stakeholders.
BMD also wrote, scored, and produced a galvanizing brand video featured prior to President Obama’s commencement speech at ASU in May 2009. The video was also recut for thirty-second television spots. BMD continues to work with ASU, consulting at key moments and designing strategic communication pieces, including industry-award winning public launch event and website.