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    Two illustrations I did for a weekly sports paper back here in Mexico
So this weekly sports paper asked me for 2 illustrations on 2 Mexican national soccer team players from Tamaulipas (Mx). Apparently they liked them so much they used'em for the cover as well. So regardless, what I didn't like was that they flipped my characters and stretched one offem. Also what's with their reds?
I'm not a GD but if you are, please, PLEASE do NOT do this. It is not professional at all and it doesn't speak well of you.
Anyways, I'm posting sum of the process for these two. Here's the pfimary sketch for Carlos "el Gullit" Peña. Then comes the more detailed sketch and a look at the (so much) simple BG I used with him.
I always begin painting the skin as you may already know
This is the final painting of "el Gullit" Peña. What do you think?
Alan Pulido, forward for "Tigres" and Gold Medal in last Olympic Games with Mexico's National Soccer Team