I've been reading a lot of UPPERCASE Magazine lately.  Our library has a good stock of back issues - and the current issue out (NO. 20) had a really cool participation cue - create your own creative manifesto.  This is my offical entry to that. 
If you don't know about UPPERCASE - check it out!
This are my honest ideas about being creative - and they're key things I try to remember while I'm working.
 Cofidence is key. Don't second guess your marks.  Make them with force.
Energy is just a playlist.  90% of the time I feel stuck in a rut, listening to new or different music gets me out of it.
Labor is love.  You've got to love what you're working on and pour all of your passion into it.
Here is a look at some of the process work that went into this one.  Just like my last piece, it came up super quickly, so I was making changes all the time.  
At one point - the "f" was flourishing down way too far and disecting the "K" of KEY.  
Definitely confident in itself - but not really doing the right job.