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EUROSPEED | Labyrinth of Sofia
Surface Design
EUROSPEED  |  Labyrinth of Sofia
Eurospeed is a privately owned Bulgarian transport company with limited responsibility, registered in 1994 in Sofia. We created an illustration and new logo to celebrate the opening of Eurospeed’s new office.​​​​​​​
The client loved it and we became friends. During the production, he was consulted about other issues, and we produce their logo renewal.

In this brand-new logo, Using the shape of shield to present a trustworthy Eurospeed.
The red eagle representing as the symbol of Eurospeed’s leadership in European transportation field.

In the detail of the illustration, you can see the scene of changing from the old logo to the new logo. Actually, we also did the logo renew for Eurospeed.

​​​​​​​We walked around the town so much in Street view so we even could guide! The detailed paintings of the city of Bulgaria became a hot topic in the area and were interviewed by famous local TV and radio programs.​​​​​​​
LINK: Bulgarian TV interview - IC4DESIGN x EUROSPEED

We searched about Bulgaria so much, Famous buildings, tourist spots, small shops (even inside), festivals, specialties, culture, client's family, etc.

We held an online meeting remotely between Japan and the Bulgaria. After confirming the style, concept, and details, we started the production, like the usual order, draft, line finishing, and coloring.

Illustration for new office building wall, Illustration panel, Poster, Pamphlet cover, Internet advertising, Social media.
EUROSPEED | Labyrinth of Sofia
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