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Expressive Prints (©WDA Editorial)

©World Design Age

©©WDA or World Design Age comes to represent the idea of an era that is been influenced by design architecture and philosophical thinking in a restless society today. This is a sub-division or an extended segment of Expressive Prints™ which conclusively dips the audience into editorial designs that speak in this age of numbness. For a reason, that is to bring a design revolution in the community.
 ©WDA comprehends the style of the project as modernistic.

The editing process involves elements from the vintage era to build on the notion of new ideas in the filters of tradition, hence justifying the use of nostalgic filter designs. This as a concept seems mind-bending and full of beans for the folio of editorial concepts, in the creative community.

Modernism in art encompasses various techniques, styles, and media. However, the underlying defining principles hold true in art that emerged from the movement: a rejection of history and traditional concepts like realism, innovation and experimentation and an emphasis on new materials and techniques. One common characteristic of modernism was self-consciousness as it related to art and social traditions, which led artists to experiment with form. Techniques that specifically drew attention to the creation process itself, and the specific materials used, were also characteristic of the period.

Expressive Prints™

This editorial design voices the nature of poster concepts and establishes an artistic tone to propound the belief of the older generation in terms with print media. In addition, this unveils another dimension which clubs the hypothesis of fashion with tradition arts (poster/editorial design)

抽象芸術は、形、形、色、線の視覚言語を使用して、世界の視覚的参照からある程度独立して存在する可能性のある構成を作成します。西洋美術は、ルネサンスから19世紀半ばまで、遠近法の論理と目に見える現実の幻想を再現する試みに支えられてきました。 19世紀の終わりまでに、多くの芸術家は、テクノロジー、科学、哲学で起こっている根本的な変化を網羅する新しい種類の芸術を作成する必要性を感じました。個々の芸術家が理論的議論を引き出した情報源は多様であり、当時の西洋文化のすべての分野における社会的および知的関心を反映していました。

Abstract art, non-figurative art, non-objective art, and non-representational art, are closely related terms. They are similar, but perhaps not of identical meaning.

Art Direction / Conception / Photo Sequencing:

Expressive Prints (©WDA Editorial)


Expressive Prints (©WDA Editorial)