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The Lunar Experience

What if..? is going to be a series of projects to exercise and create different experiences with interfaces we never thought before. With this series of projects I hope to improve my UI & UX skills and diversify my portfolio imagining if...

We were in a future where space travel is fully accessible and a company is selling trips to its first, completely self-sustaining, lunar colony.


At this stage we understand the project as a whole. Our possible target audience, everything that encompasses this utopian universe, and how some solutions can be presented are some of the things we will explore here.

Show how this fictitious service works, what are the biggest benefits, and throughout the page prove the value and credibility of the company through interactive, dynamic and accessible sections.
Now any idea is welcome and quantity is better than quality. Searching for references and talking to others can help us think how the solutions should be, sharing ideas, mixing and remixing, building on direct and indirect references until we have a good amount of content to start the creation process.

A wireframe is a blueprint or schematic that helps communicate the structure of the interface.
This is a part of the first wireframe. That's how the header was planned.


An effective header style - I applied the branding I created and also made some highlights in important points of the text, but keeping the focus on the main action - the button that leads to the form.

To increase the credibility of the service, I also created some sections to explain how the fictional rocketship works, how the process will be from registration to the trip itself and some testimonials of course.

Testimonials are always a good way for a company to show the effectivness of the service. Of course, in some niches it may not be so good, but we are talking about something very new and innovative, so it's a good opportunity to show that other people have already went to the moon, experienced the lunar colony and rated it positively.


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The Lunar Experience


The Lunar Experience



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