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Online Housing Application
Online Application - Housing and Residential Life at the University of Minnesota
UI/UX, Web Design, and Web Development
Project Background
Housing and Residential Life (HRL) wanted to update the look, feel , and functionality of their online application system. The major catch was that is needed to stay in a 3rd party Residential Management Systems (RMS) called Mercury.
Project Goals
• Update the website look and feel within the constrants of Mercury
• Restructure user flow within system (Guidence from applicates and application experts)
• User testing with high school seniors that are going to the U and need to apply for housing and parents.
Project Responsibilities
Website design, HTML/CSS, PHP, template creation within Mercury, and user testing.
Target Users
Application is used by a wide variety of people; from high school seniors to their parents and sometimes grandparents (17-75).
Original Application Design
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Online Housing Application
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Adam Patton