"May one day your dreams reach far enough as to cross the edge of the horizon"
First Horizon is a small project in dedication to a person I find to be very special.
I started sketching out in my head a hundred different outcomes for this small video clip. I liked most of the ideas I had thought of but again, time was against me. I set myself a limit of 6 days and the final storyline seemed good enough to be done in those days.
It had been a long time since I had worked on a "serious" video, but I was glad to notice that I had improved. I gave special attention to dynamic curves, light fog, and lightning.
For the last two days, rendering was hellish and frustrating and I ended up cutting the final resolution to half HD in order to finish on time.
Although it has way too many bugs, I'm glad with the result accomplished in 30 hours (aprox) of work starting from zero whereas other videos I took way longer and looked much more terrible. The music was also fun to compose.
Reception was positive so I guess it is one project to feel proud for.
Although the color palette wasn't perfectly taken care of, I did wanted to achieve certain feeling of calmness with the colors.
Testing positions with the rigged model.
I really like this frame because it reminds me of my joy when finally achieving the light fog effect.
This frame pretty much sums up the video clip.
Dragonslash belongs to Sidian07
Just an update... All this is over. It never lasted. It never was. Here's a song I composed after it was over.