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Energy Education Center
Working with our friends at Derse Exhibits, Gradient Labs designed and developed a suite of seven applications (iOS and large-format multitouch) and a video for the Energy Education Center of the largest nuclear power plant in the United States. 
Explore the Site
Explore the Site offers an explorable 3D version of the entire facility. A large-format interactive, visitors can both navigate freely using familiar multitouch gestures and explore using a building index that appears on the left. 
The default location, showing a birds-eye view of the entire site. 
A close-up of the Main Reactor Cluster. The building list adapts contextually, providing further detail on building components.
Energy Systems Animation
A depiction of the three primary energy loops in a pressurized water nuclear reactor clearly illustrates how the plant generates electricity. An extensive research and storyboarding process with the client produced a technically accurate and easy-to-understand fly-through of complex systems at work.
Two large touchscreens present a timeline of the development of nuclear technology, and a parallel timeline of key events throughout the planning, construction, and operation of the plant. This timeline is driven by our our own flexible timeline toolkit. 
Our Nuclear World
Our Nuclear World is a touch-screen based interactive visualization of key information about the nuclear industry. Driven by a live data set, it presents key facts and figures about nuclear power globally, in the United States, and in Arizona. Various drill-downs for more information are available throughout the application, and it will evolve over time as the industry changes. 
Here, we see annual nuclear power generation around the world, along with an aligned chart on top showing nuclear's overall share of all power generation in that country. 
The screen on the United States, showing the number of nuclear reactors over time, geographic distribution, and various key facts.
Video Controller
A custom iPad app controls video playback on a large monitor. The app automatically checks for new and changed content on the video server, ensuring easy updates over time. The iPad is normally mounted on a pedestal near the monitor for visitors to choose videos of interest.
Radiation Calculator
An iPad app asks a visitor a sequence of simple questions to estimate their yearly radiation exposure. 
Current Connections
An iPad app offers access to current stories related to the plant and the nuclear industry. The app updates itself from a standard blog, ensuring easy content management for communications staff. 
Full Credits
Gradient Labs
Jason Simmons: Research and storyboards, UX/UI, Technical and Art Direction, Motion Graphics.
Max Galkin: iOS development
Maxim Ponkratov: Unity development
Sam Kiser: 3D modeling and animation
Derse Exhibits
Russ Fowler: Executive Creative Director
Tom Ailand: Environments Designer
Jeffrey Jarzynka: Experiential Creative Director
Adam Carnes: Experiential Creative Lead
Nick Caruso: Graphic Designer
Erin O'Donnell: Copywriter
Kimberly Mueller: Producer
Steve Powers: Account Executive
Energy Education Center

Energy Education Center

Working with our friends at Derse Exhibits, Gradient Labs designed and developed a suite of seven applications (iOS and large-format multitouch) Read More
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