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This studio brochure is part of a bigger project called “see nothing”, a visual experimentation
of new means of communication through which we try to show that communication can and does happen even when there seem to be nothing to see.
The brochure has no images of any of our works, it is mailed to new clients sealed in clear plastic.
The studio “philosophy” is printed onto pieces of different materials (“opposite” materials are matched - hard/soft - transparent/opaque - “warm”/ “cool”).
The text can be read only by placing the tow pieces of material near one another (it is written across
the tow materials). The text reads “This is the way we chose to demonstrate, without showing it,
that in a world of images there is still space for imagination. We work in all fields of visual communication, we design starting from a concept and the end result is the direct conseguence
of this concept. In the years many of our clients have apreciated our way of working and our passion
for visual experimentation. This is the way we chose to rapresent our philosophy waiting to share
with you the image that still has to be created.