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  • 29cm app launching
    Plus X and CRECA launched a mobile app with online select shop 29CM which leads smart shopping trend.
    More closer, more different.
    The aim of this service is to deliver various brands’ stories of 29CM to customer anytime and anywhere through mobile platform. The current consumption of trend is changing from PC to mobile platform.
    By mobile app
    Increasing preference and reliability provided by mobile app and trigger the consumption through expand visitors and extend of stay.
    Also, GUI designs aimed to minimize color/line/facet of reduce the overall complexity and more concentrate on contents in order to optimize the UI design.
    Differentiated to other brands by pinch in/out sharing system and following text technique support dynamic interaction while slide function.
    At home, office, transportation, café, while waiting a friend, park and school etc..
    Fun and exciting experience anytime and anywhere in 29CM mobile app!
    Change per 3 seconds
    This channel which delivers news regards various brands and products of 29CM.
    Designed by magazine-style and minimized line/facet/color to presenting more concentrate on contents 
    Also UI elements are not exposing while flicking contents acting,
    It presents interesting and dynamic interaction which is applied by time difference between issue title and
    related items title.
    A Game which guess 3 things’ total amount what 29CM selects in Japan, London, Paris and Newyork.
    Induce users to re-visiting by easy and interesting game.
    New channel of 29CM which show various brand stories more differently, more closely.
    It Composed by PT, Store and Lucky Draw and it exposes optionally by each presentation.
    Minimized UI elements to concentrate on contents like as ISSUE section, and composed template of image, gallery and video section for flexible expression
    NEXT 29CM
    29CM mobile app will be upgraded consistently by 29CM, Plus X and CRECA.
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