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Logo and corporate identity for a studio which develops startups and MVP
Russia, EU, USA


ProtoLamp is a studio which develops technological startups and MVP.

Studio specialists have expertise in engineering, NoCode and design.

Protolamp used to be a part of MetaLamp studio, we made a logo for them a couple of years ago. Now MetaLamp focuses on blockchain development and ProtoLamp focuses on startups.


Create a logo and corporate identity which will preserve the continuity of the MetaLamp identity and highlight ProtoLamp specialization – work with startups.


When we were creating a logo for ProtoLamp we used the same image of a lamp in MetaLamp logo but changed a color which lamp radiates. That way we showed that the studio «highlights» strong points and low points of the client and helps to improve projects. 

We chose blue, dark and light purple as corporate colors. Blue is an imitation of screen light, an association with something new. In order to set color accents on corporate identity media we chose two shades of purple. They complement the blue color and at the same time don't distract the design perception.

As style-forming elements we created lines which mean that ProtoLamp emphasizes on important points of project prototypes.

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