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I am interested in exploring the definition of a contemporary woman; what sacrifices and manifestations are happening and how do they impact our psyche. My work is a commentary on society as experienced through a woman’s perspective.
In my work I enjoy merging art and design into one compositional unit incorporating elements of construction and deconstruction. My process is active and emotion-driven. I rip and tear my favorite sections off one piece and paste, tape or sew it onto another. Some pieces are scratched up while others are slashed with an x-acto knife. I spray bleach and oil and dye paper with coffee grounds to destroy the piece’s original beautiful perfection. I like reusing newsprint, bits of handmade paper, and found vintage sewing instructions. I enjoy reversing the role of newsprint; mainly used for test prints, it now becomes the choice material.   
My work centers on the idea of self-loathing and destructive thoughts resulting in the dirty, trash-like, uncomfortable quality of the pieces and the obsessive, diary-like confessional typography. By integrating various forms of text (stenciled, screen printed, and transferred on in different pieces) I am able to explore the conflict between a female’s inner consciousness and the outside world.