Yakuza Branding
A concept project by Mick Theisen and Kilian Zelfo.

Introduction Yakuza is a private security firm, that specialises in the protection of its costumers in public life.
Our design wants to establish a company that provides the utmost perfection with no drawbacks and includes the 5 principles of Confucius in its philosophy. Cherishing a lifestyle influenced by traditional heritage and modernism the concepts believes strongly in the advancements of modern culture without abandoning its roots. The brand was crafted with care and a discreet appearance in mind, since the primary goal was to create a sincere and honest design, that represents part Japan in general and part of the Yakuza heritage. The minimalist approach leaves enough room for the design to breathe, but also has an strong enough impact to stand on its own. The efforts in design also display our carefulness in business.

Inspiration & Mood Our goal for this branding concept was to create a low-key, but very sophisticated design, that is not too aggressive, but also remains very strict and true to its nature. We did not want to create a image that was to brutal or crime orientated. We took inspiration from existing footage of the Yakuza, clear modern architecture and the geographic position of Japan. We always kept the 5 principles humanity, honor, courtesy, wisdom, honesty in the back of our mind.
Concept  So why did we chose the Yakuza? Well, a international crime organisation has a certain appeal and the Yakuza did not have a unified corporate identity. There were only different signs for the different sized local groups. Our effort was to give the Yakuza a new face. The group should not be associated with its criminal side, but be seen as a new, modern and courageous organisation, that's not afraid of the international market. Many people see the Yakuza as a nationalist, right-wing "gang", our concept aims to open up the hardened structures inside of the Yakuza and give them a open and more inviting outwards appearance.
Since there was no consensus design approach for the existing groups, our goal was to transport a message of coherence and candidness. We chose a circle as our primary form element, signalising the new formed group. After that we opened the border of the circle thus opening it up.
Our personal goal with this project was to grow as a designer and try out new methods and ways to create a corporate identity. We set off from our student project and wanted to improve it, giving us more time. We started from zero again, but had the experience of the existing project. We are happy to show this final iteration of our concept.
Legal Disclaimer This is a concept branding for a fictional company based on a real life theme. We are not affiliated with any existing group or organization and this project solely exists in a fictional context and does not portray any view or opinions of any real person.
Yakuza Branding