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Brace (2022)
When i was a kid i loved to draw on the living room's side table. Most of that time was on my feet or knees because i didn't have a small chair. And then my parents bought me a little table and a little chair made of yellow plastic. Shortly after i was too tall and that table and chair got forgoten in time, or maybe in the garbage. 

Brace is a minimalist double side table that pretends to represent the relationship between a parent and his child from its main form. More, Brace can be unplugged to become a table and a small stool for children to sit and draw. This way you can get older and still use your childwood table!
It's a double funtion product made from pure wood that explores rounded shapes and wood joints. The difference between dimensions and shapes of the two parts wanted to personificate the adult (straight form), and the kid (messing legs).

Each component (legs or top) of these two parts can be personalized by using lacquered wood or stained wood. And there's no need to throw away.

Brace (2022)
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Ricardo Sá