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    Series of interactive quotes.
Also from the series of interactive quotes, this one is based on the 'Brownsche Irrfahrt' example from the creative coding page. It reveals the quote by 'planting seeds' which are growing slowly. The revealed quote stands in direct connection to the natural growing process/simulation.

Brownsche Irrfahrt – creativecoding.org/example/simulation:brownsche-irrfahrt
Steffen Fiedler – creativecoding.org/authors/steffen_fiedler
For the Interaction basics, we had to create a series of animations to fitting quotes. This one plays with space and the idea of atoms. It should look like a single atom from the distance, and by zooming in and manipulating the direction, revealing and hiding the quote. The code base for this sketch is from the Processing Example Sketch 'SpaceJunk'.

SpaceJunk – processing.org/examples/spacejunk