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    Team "Meet Me Halfway" Marketing students from Howest Brugge Kenneth Tournoy Kayleigh Segaert Emile Fonteyne Advertising students from ESA Sai… Read More
    Team "Meet Me Halfway" Marketing students from Howest Brugge Kenneth Tournoy Kayleigh Segaert Emile Fonteyne Advertising students from ESA Saint Luc Liège Raphaël Allegro Selin Corapci Read Less
Clash of the Talents is a contest organized by the Creative Club of Belgium and the ACC. Its goal is to get Flemish and Walloon students from advertising and marketing schools together.
Our group "Meet Me Halfway" made it to the finale and we won the price of "Best Live Presentation".
In a complex market situation where hard-discounters are taking over, Delhaize wants to make a statement over its image. "Delhaize sells quality products for a good price and I enjoy shopping there every week". Their goal is to improve their mainstream brand sales. This brand has to reflect values such as : health, good-price, convenience, family-friendly and daily-use.
Establish a marketing brief and its integrated campaign for the mainstream brand.
Respect Delhaize's "look and feel"
We thought it's impossible to communicate about a brand if people mix it up with the distributor's name, our priority was to give a new nam to Delhaize's mainstream brand. 
Delhaize Favorite creates an emotional bond between consumers and the brand.
The products are know as quality ones, my family likes them and I buy them every week because they are part of my daily life. Easy to say in French, Dutch and English.
Launching of the pack action
We created several packages among the Delhaize Favorite products, those packs are sold for an advantageous price and will get people to try new products they don't know yet.
Delhaize Favorite packagings
Delhaize products have great packagings with cool graphic ambiances but the problem is that there is no consistency to make a link between all of them ! Our temporary solution is to affix a sticker with the "Delhaize Favorite" logo and the pack which the product belongs to.
In selected flagship stores, launching of an easy shop to promote the new brand and its products during the pack action.
Convenient for people in a hurry that only need few products, interesting for people doing their weekly shopping because they are aware that Delhaize Favorite products are available throughout the shop.
The different purposes of the wobbler are to let consumers know where the Delhaize Favorite products are in the shop, mention the pack which the product belongs to and finally, describe all the efforts made by Delhaize to improve the quality of the product.
The folder is a cheap way to inform loads of people of what's going on at Delhaize.
The family, the pack action, the products, the good prices and the new brand. Everything is here on the cover and people can read detailed informations inside.
Smartphone App
Delhaize already has an application that allows you to shop on your smartphone as well as different websites.
To simplify it all, we created "Delhaize Easy", a new name for all of the previous services at the same place.
We refreshed the logo according to the iOS7 update. Inside the app, connect with your family : relate to the users of your choice and share with them your shopping list. That way, mom always know what her kids actually need before shopping !
With a direct access to Delhaize Favorite products through the different categories, the app also suggest you when you browse different articles, the Favorite one : a quality you expect for an unexpected price.
Small samples of selected products are given out for free at the cashier and in selected places such as trainstations after work, sport clubs or wellness centers to allow people trying out the Delhaize Favorite products.
Radio and tv spot
On selected medias, diffusion of a short clip to inform consumers about the new brand and the package action.
Contest launched on the Facebook page, aims to improve interaction with clients. Create your own package made of your four favorite Delhaize Favorite products and take a picture of you and the moment where you like to use them.
The winner gets his pack to be sold in shops and one day where the Delhaize Team comes to take care of you and your family.
E-mailing to let Delhaize clients know about the contest.
This presentation is a very short summary of what the whole project actually is. There are many more explanations and details for every action and support, a situation analysis, a strategy, a media planning and a budget plan. We had to introduce our team to the jury with different videos as well and develop the spirit of our team "Meet Me Halfway". 
The other side of this project is the human adventure we went on. We spent a week with the marketing students in Bruges and they came to work with us in Liège as well. Countless hours of work, workshops organized by the ACC on how to deliver a quality presentation, meeting with Ogilvy to rework our case, visits of Delhaize shops, Delhaize meetings to discuss their positioning and a public presentation in Brussels in front of all participating schools and jury.

Although we didn't win the contest, we got a special prize for the best live presentation. This project was an amazing experience !
Introduction video for the finale presentation