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Here is some single photos of my works which I covered from Afghanistan since,2002  , and  I showed in pictures all province of Afghanistan, with various cultures , daily life of AFGHAN people,Traditional sports , politicand events , news  pictures.

A view of Kabul the min capital of Afghanistan . 2/2004/ Wakil Kohsar
An Afghan Brick maker. Kabul district , Afghanistan 2004/Wakil Kohsar

The village people of Gurband  .,Parwan province , Afghanistan 2004/ Wakil Kohsar

Afghan women bring young tree to plant, in School in Gulldara , Kabul district Afghanistan.2/2004/ Wakil Kohsar
Addiction in Afghanistan has risen along with the country's opium production, which is now cranking at something close to fever pitch. With much of its society and many of its institutions ruined by 30 years of fighting, Afghanistan produces more than 90 percent of the world's opium. Profits from the drug sales feed the Taliban insurgency.
A Kuchi (nomad) man with his family holds a baby goat inside her tent in Kandharhar province eastern Afghanistan. 2004/ Wakil Kohsar
An Afghan reseller champion  Janagha show’s his young hood photo at the old bird market in Kabul Afghanistan. 6/2005/ Wakil Kohsar
A man works in a shop in old marked in Kabul , Afghanistan.7/6/2008/ Wakil Kohsar
An afghan artist in one of the show painting in Kabul Afghanistan 3/4/2006/ Wakil koshar
The Buddhas of Bamiyan, which dated to pre-Islamic Afghanistan, were destroyed by the Taliban in 2001 as un-Islamic. On the face of a mountain near the city, three colossal statues were carved out of the rock. One of them was 175 feet (53 m) high, the world's tallest standing statue of Buddha. The ancient statue was carved during the Kushan period in the fifth century.Bamiyan, Afghanistan,3/5/2009/ Wakil Kohsar
 KABUL, AFGHANISTAN A boy flies a kite on Chaman-e- Hozuri 2009 in Kabul, Afghanistan. Kabul is now still in transition Eight  years after the fall of the Taliban, battling with difficulties caused by population growth, traffic congestion, and lack of electricity. While the reconstruction continues, many side roads in the city are unpaved and cause incredible dust that turns to mud as it rains/ Wakil Kohsar
An Afghan man attending to a poppy field in Kaisar khill village outside Balkh province, north of Kabul.in /3/ 2006
A suicide car bomb attack on a heavily guarded road between the German Embassy and a U.S. military base in the Afghan capital killed two Afghan civilians and wounded five U.S. troops, officials said in Kabul Afghanistan 17 January 2009/ Wakil Kohsar

KABUL, AFGHANISTAN - OCTOBER 9: An Afghan Man casts his vote in Afghanistan's first democratic election at a polling station October 9, 2004 in Kabul, Afghanistan. The election is seen as a crucial step towards democracy and peace in the war-torn country after the fall of the Taliban
Afghan youth smoking Hashis in Balkhe pravince  In may 2006/ Wakil Kohsar
KABUL, AFGHANISTAN - NOVEMBER 4: Afghan President Hamid Karzai (C) delivers his victory speech with Vice President Karim Khalili (R) at the presidential palace November 4, 2004 in Kabul, Afghanistan. Results in the October 9, 2004 direct election / Wakil kohsar
Hazara people are living in Budha’s caves.Bamyan, Afghanistan 2004/ Wakil Kohsar
An old Nuristani man with his Son drinking tea in Guzine Nuristan province, Afghanistan 2003/ Wakil Kohsar
Dialy Life Resumes After Departure of Taliban An Afghan shopkeeper girl in Kabul , Afghanistan .10 /2008 / Wakil Kohsar
Afghan women feed pigeons at the Shrine of Hazrat Ali in Mazar-I-Sharif in northern Afghanistan,3/2006/ Wakil Kohsar
A young schoolboy’s  with his  backpack. Going to school in Kabul Afghanistan 6/2/2008, Wakil kohsar
A portrait of old Afghan  Shiite Muslims  during Ashura procession in Kabul, capital of Afghanistan, Jan. 7, 2004. Thousands of faithful Shiite Afghan mourners observed Ashura, the day of the martyrdom of the grandson of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) Imam Hussain and his 72 comrades who were murdered in

Around him were a hundred other men, some crouching, some collapsed, some unconscious; some, perhaps, were dead. The visitors, though not the denizens, covered their faces from the smell.9/2008
An afghan woman enjoining the agriculture exhibition at Badam bagh  Kabul- Afghanistan/ Wakil Kohsar
Abdul Rashid Dostom is riding a horse (a symbol of power in the Northern Afghan provinces), dressed in traditional Afghan clothes among his supporters in the Stadium of Kabul on the last day of the presidential campaign, three days ahead of elections. The controversial Uzbek general and veteran warlord has been a powerful figure since the Soviet invasion. The town of Shebergan, in the province of Jowzjan (Northeast of Kabul), is his stronghold. Dostom is well known for his ability to survive by switching sides in Afghanistan's complex puzzle of shifting alliances. Kabul. Afghanistan. 2004/ Wakil Kohsar