Locomotive NFTs
A set of 3D train models, designed from technical drawings, photos, or existing locomotives, is utilized as NFTs in the play-to-earn train simulator, Metarails. Each locomotive in the collection is created with meticulous care, ensuring that even the smallest details, such as dirt and scrapes, are accurately represented in accordance with historical paint schemes. Additionally, the 3D assets are UV unwrapped and optimized for optimal performance.
JNR EF 66, Japan
TEP 70, Lithuania
SBB Elefant, Switzerland
SBB A 3/5, Switzerland
LMS 10000, England
Shch-el 1, Soviet Union 
VL-10, Soviet Union
Variety of historical color schemes inspired by the location and era of the locomotive.
Locomotive NFT's


Locomotive NFT's

Collection of 3D Locomotive Models for an NFT play-to-earn train simulator start-up Metarails. Each locomotive model is modelled from scratch acc Read More