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3D Motion
Creating New Perspectives
Chief, a division of Legrand, approached us with the task to create visuals for the TiLED™ LED Video Wall Mounting System, designed to support creative video wall configurations. From the beginning, both Chief and TH envisioned an ambitious transformative marketing campaign, unshackled by industry conventions, focusing instead on the experience and room-changing experience only the TiLED system can provide.


When we initially approached this project, the challenge was clear: the TiLED system is configurable, modular, and different in any use case. It is equally as technically complex, with many different parts interlocking to create a full system. Creating a comprehensive animation detailing all features would not do the product justice for the possibilities it can create. With such a technical product, the creative team at TH wanted to instead offer a new perspective for consumers, to reframe the product from a complex modular device, to a product that helps to project beauty and ambience to its surroundings.

Our Approach

With our focus on creating a transformative marketing campaign for this product, we thought of how to not only show the product in action, but how we can show the power of the product in the feelings and colors it can amplify in a room. The result is a visual feast, using abstract shapes, electrifying colors, and geometric patterns in a juxtaposition between order and creativity.

"The Transparent House team did an excellent job of collecting and organizing input from product management, engineering, marketing and our creative team to deliver an impressive video under a strict timeline. Their process and schedule was clearly outlined to everyone upfront, and they adhered to it closely. It was refreshing to work with a vendor who was both goal-driven and creative. The result was a visually compelling video that has received many compliments from colleagues and customers."

Ann Ewoldt
Product Marketing Manager
Chief / Legrand | AV

Creative Development


Client: Chief / Legrand | AV
Creative Production Agency: Transparent House, Inc.
Sound Design & Music: Transparent House, Inc. 
Executive Producer:  Denis Krylov
Head Of Production:  Pavel Burdin
Concept:  Michael Shatilov 

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Transparent House