CONTEXT ______
3 years ago, Budweiser decided to promote the careers of emerging music artists in order to protect them from all of the bad habits of the traditional music industry. That’s why the brand created BUDXRECORDS, a music label that has been working on discovering those hidden superstars that want to be famous but haven’t had the opportunity to be listened by the world. Every year, different types of activations need to me bade in order to do so.

IDEA ______
Everyday is very common that streamers and gamers use music in the background of their lives. However, platforms like Twitch bans and blocks them when they don’t own the rights of that music. Budweiser found the way to help them, by creating Royalty Free Bot to hijack the platform and helping new artists to promote their music at the same time. The brand owns the rights of more than 15000 songs from artists waiting to be famous, so it released the copyrights of its entire music library, and created a bot to be hosted on a Discord server. The bot plays the content 24/7 and it’s available to anyone to embed it on live streamings, without the fear of being banned.

D A V I D  B O G O T A  +  B U D W E I S E R
Client: ABInBev
Brand: Budweiser
Campaign: Royalty Free Bot
Global CCO: Pancho Cassis
Global COO: Sylvia Panico
Global PR Director: Sandra Azedo
CCO: Carlos Andrés Rodríguez
MD: Juan Pablo García
Art Director: Izmael Crespo, Julián Olivares
Copywriter: Jonathan Rodríguez
Account Executive: Krizia Brühl
Digital Director: Andrés Granados