Museum of Sulfur Mines in Trabia-Tallarita
In 2009 our studio was commissioned to carry out a new museum near Caltanissetta, Sicily. My initial task definition was to design from scratch the Science and Technology exhibits. But while inspecting the site, stories from the past emerged still alive and poignant, mostly about the incredible hard working conditions. In the end, the audiovisual installations glued together a playful, "exploratorium-like" approach with a more thoughtful, anthropoligical aim.

Tasks: concept, content editing, exhibit design, actionscript coding, sound design

Made with Asteria Multimedia

Three big diesel engine become didactical exhibits, animated by sounds and projections that show their inner workings.
To learn how a mine was like, visitors have to use a virtual elevator, that takes them thorough various levels of the dig.
Mining stories and facts are told in a dark, cave-like room, with a 360° videoprojection installation.