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概念集合 · 八 Concept Collection / 8

概念集合 · 八
中国青 独奏者乌龙茶

Concept Collection / 8
Chinese Qing
The Soloist Oolong Tea




Oolong Tea is also known as Qing Tea in China. It is a kind of tea unique to China. Therefore, The Soloist Oolong Tea is named as Chinese Qing.

Select the premium oolong tea, through the traditional process of sun drying, air drying, rocking, stirring, rolling, baking, and then extracting it with the power of technology to make the portable tea that is loyal to the original flavor, has a pure taste and a distinct aftertaste.

At present, almost all things and people are labeled with various labels, and the process of constantly seeking results and continually asking questions is full of ups and downs, coupled with the flow of circumstance, which makes people hesitate to choose.

Bodhi is fundamentally without any tree, the bright mirror is also not a stand. Fundamentally there is not a single thing,  where could any dust be attracted? You can gently remove the label and faithfully keep the high light. The mild and concentrated fragrances are all in the artistic mood. These are the inspirations for The Soloist Oolong Tea - Chinese Qing. The smooth and round tea bottle, white bottle cap and turquoise-orange bottle are engraved with the subtle Chinese and English marks of Chinese Qing. The transparent bottle bottom shows two kinds of tea colors: Mild and Concentrated. When the labels are given, there are two clear and elegant tea drinks; when the labels are hidden, there are two mysterious and endearing drinks. Only the moment when you open the bottle cap and take the first sip, the long-lost clear and sweet tea rolls up the taste of light or thick oolong tea, which instantly evokes richness, and slowly returns to the originality, maybe it is the taste of life.



The Soloist Concept Collection

The Soloist is a creative studio founded in 2020. Concept Collection is a creative study started in the name of The Soloist. It is intended to express the latest insights into branding, packaging and related design of different industry in an intuitive way. In this way, the mind and execution of The Soloist studio are displayed, and more creative potentials are explored.

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概念集合 · 八 Concept Collection / 8
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