Keenan Payne's profile (Jan 2014)

This winter, while on a few week break at my parent's house, I took a couple of hours over the course of 4-5 nights to redesign my personal website. I really wanted to take the "flat" design approach, without being too minimalistic. 
I opted for a single-page design so as to convey as much information about myself and what I do to users as they scrolled through my website. I use a minimalist navigation with icons and background colors to indicate what section of the website a user is on.
When designing the website, I designed from the ground-up to be mobile friendly, and a lot of choices when developing the site took that into consideration. As a result, the site is completely optimized for mobile, and looks and reads just as well as on a desktop. (Jan 2014)
Published: (Jan 2014)

This winter I did a redesign of my website in a couple of nights while on vacation. I wanted a clean and "flat" look, while still displaying all Read More