SlackrMedia is an interactive design agency that I founded in 2008 to help myself gain work as a web designer and developer, but also as a parent company for all of the websites and software I create.
The website and company have gone through a number of websites and brandings, but this year I decided to solidify the branding and design, with a whole new look, logo, and focus. 
When I was redesigning the logo, I wanted something that sort of 'popped' and got the attention of anyone looking at it. With a nice cursive font for the logo, mixed with a sans-serif, monospaced font for the "EST" and "Studio" text, it creates a dichotomey that is easy on the eyes, and looks good. 
For the design, I favored the look of full-image backgrounds contrasting white text and minimal design elements. I think that this creates a clean and modern look, without taking away from the content of the website.
What We Do
For this section, I favored button-styled links to list SlackrMedia's specialties and favorite tools, each displaying a simple, mobile-ready modal with a little describing text. 
What We've Done
The portfolio section of SlackrMedia shows a simple grid of projects that I have worked on, and on hover, displays the projects title, as well as a little describing text. I think the format here is simple, but displays project in a clear and effective manner. 
Contact Us
Lastly, for the contact page, I wanted something super simple, and chose a full-width form with only a few inputs. I think that this full-width form really fits in with the design, and will entice people to get in touch about work or any of the SlackrMedia properties.