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Sahara Cash for Cars Website

Sahara Cash for Cars offers cash on the spot for any vehicle, handling the DMV paperwork and providing free pickup no matter what type of vehicle, nor the state it happens to be in. They recently created a new brand and needed a website that, in addition to making the service provided very clear, was intuitive and easy to use and send your vehicle data.

At this step, we understand the targeted audience. What they do, how they think, and what they want can help you empathize with them and understand their perspectives. Creating a user-centric solution is essential.

People interested in in general, car mechanics and anyone who owns any type of vehicle.
We found just a few people who sold their vehicles on Cash for Cars websites, due to the niche being very specific, but the ones we interviewed reported the difficulty of sending all the car data and lack of transparency about the service itself. Some also reported that these kind of websites don't have support, or even a simple FAQ. Others also said that it's difficult to understand the step-by-step process, from sending the car data to actually receiving the money.
Now any idea is welcome and quantity is better than quality. Searching for references and talking to others can help us think how the solutions should be, sharing ideas, mixing and remixing, building on direct and indirect references until we have a good amount of content to start the creation process.

A wireframe is a blueprint or schematic that helps communicate the structure of the interface.
This is a part of the first wireframe. That's how the header of the homepage was planned.

This is where ideas come to life. The purpose of the prototype is to validate the ideas of the previous step and finally create real and tactile representations that meet the needs of the targeted audience.
This is the final version of the header, using simple catch-phrases, some inputs and buttons, we created an easy way to send vehicle information - either manually or by VIN - and we also gave the option to call for support.

This project has been online for a long time and we made few changes to the interface. We noticed that in the previous version most people clicked on the "call us" link before sending their car data, so we created a unique button for that action in the menu.


You can check below the rest of the solutions we created to provide the best experience possible for our users.
With this section we prove the value of the service and also explain in detail how the service works.

In order to make the page attractive and dynamic, we created several animations to attract the user's eye to what matters.

We've also created a dedicated section to support any customer with questions, and we've also provided a FAQ.


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Sahara Cash for Cars Website


Sahara Cash for Cars Website



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