México is a hard place both to be a cyclist and to fight for your beliefs. Bcsicletos is one of the oldest and, for me, one of the greatest bike advocacy and urban sustainability collectives in the country. They operate from the beautiful city of La Paz.

Their identity and communications needed some work and I was eager to jump in.
The goal of the redesign was to project a more modern and professional brand identity, which would reflect their own evolution towards a more dynamic and professional organization.

I meant to improve on the original concept of the brand mark. The construction was cleaned up and beefed up for better visibility. The sun/hub was made more evident, the central road was changed to a zebra crossing to signify the inclusion of all sustainable methods of transportation and the emptiness next to the road was changed into a field, of energy? of growth? you call it.
We did some internal research work to better synthetize the core of their ideology for their slogan: mobility, territory and sustainability. It also made a perfect grid with their three action programs: carbon footprint reduction, urban territory defense and creative citizenship laboratory.
Three main colors were chosen. Hot orange for actionable and radical citizenship values, lemon green for decisive climate action, gray for the firm engagement of the collective into its urban territory.
Fast moving projects need fonts that are readily available and easy to use. I just love how grungy and bold Rubik looks without looking careless, I also like how it works with Roboto. They are both Google Fonts, you can find them and use them anywhere.

By the way, there is no capitalization in this identity, it's either all-caps or no-caps. We don't like middle grounds.
Finally, I designed and built their website. I think it reflects this amazing collective and it's people very well.