Sower is a boutique agency focused on customer relationships, humanized service and customized service to be unique to each client. Recently they developed a new, very creative, brand to differentiate themselves in the market and they needed a website that demonstrated everything they provide combined with good performance and usability.

At this step, we understand the targeted audience. What they do, how they think, and what they want can help you empathize with them and understand their perspectives. Creating a user-centric solution is essential.

The agency's objective has always been to reach audiences in the technology market, so it's ideal client profile are large technology and innovation companies in various niches.
We did a qualitative research with marketing managers of some tech companies and most of them reported the difficulty to understand the services of an agency because usually the websites are very "out of the box" and difficult to navigate. Some also reported the weirdness that some agency sites provide for excessive creativity without thinking about functionality.
Now any idea is welcome and quantity is better than quality. Searching for references and talking to others can help us think how the solutions should be, sharing ideas, mixing and remixing, building on direct and indirect references until we have a good amount of content to start the creation process.

A wireframe is a blueprint or schematic that helps communicate the structure of the interface.
This is a part of the first wireframe. That's how the interactive section explaining the service was planned.

This is where ideas come to life. The purpose of the prototype is to validate the ideas of the previous step and finally create real and tactile representations that meet the needs of the targeted audience.​​​​​​​
This is the final version of the interactive section. Through a simple animation we were able to explain precisely what the agency does and what is it's differential.

After we launched the first version of the website, we realized that only the interactive section was not saying precisely what was the agency services. We thought the best way to explain it would be through a very dynamic fast-paced video.

Don't forget to activate the english captions!

After creating the video and adapting the animation on mobile, the experience on the page increased dramatically. All brand colors have been adjusted on the site to improve contrast and increase accessibility.

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Sower Website


Sower Website



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