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Ultramarinus | AV installation

ULTRAMARINUS is an audiovisual installation designed as a reflection on the anthropocene, and how human-driven death on the sea becomes death on land (and the planet as a whole) as well.

As soon as the viewer enters the installation, they are transported into the birth and death of an ecosystem made up of particles brought to life by cientific data (marine sound recordings, population variation and data on human activities such as bottom trawling)

The data was inputted as variables for chaotic differential equations that stablished the particle movement. Each species was coded with instancing, GLSL and sound reactivity in TouchDesigner.

Fish (left) - Curl noise with bottom trwaling data.
Whales (right) - Thomas' cyclically symmetric attractor with whale catch data.
Sharks (left) - Arneodo chaotic system with fish biomass taxa.
Small cetaceans (right) - Lorenz Mod 2 attractor with whale catch data.

Proyecto por: Juan Pablo Pabón Cuadros
Directora del Proyecto: Karen Aune
Jurados: Santiago Caicedo y Jaime Patarroyo
Universidad de los Andes
Facultad de Arquitectura y Diseño

Ultramarinus | AV installation

Ultramarinus | AV installation