Many music artists have been discovered by big superstars. The problem is that is almost impossible for an emerging artist to have the opportunity to be heard by their idols. We found a way to easily connect them through one of the most popular tools of communication these days: Whatsapp voice notes. We created WHTSPP RECORDS. We partnered up with some of the biggest music stars of Latam. 
Then, published their real mobile numbers across the country and encouraged emerging artists to send their demos via Whatsapp.
Artists heard their music in real time, gave feedback and picked two favorites to have the opportunity to meet each other, share tips, record a single, and even perform live together. Finally, Budweiser signed the career contract of one winner to record a full album, take them on tour on Bud events and promote them as the genre’s new superstar.

A  R  T  I  S  T  S    N  U  M  B  E  R  S

W  H  T  S  S  P   R  E  C  O  R  D  S

D A V I D    B O G O T Á

General Creative Director: Carlos Andrés Rodríguez
Art Directors: David Beltrán / Izmael Crespo / Luis Fernando Luque
Copywriter: Jhonatan Rodríguez / Nicolás Telléz
Production Company: AB InBev
Directora: Paula Domínguez
Edition: Oscar Moreno / Vértigo Films

Multiple Owners
David Esteban Oicatá