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Arci | social media - social campaign

social media / social campaign

ARCI Emilia Romagna is an independent, pluralist association for social progress promoting culture, sociality, and solidarity through participation and self-management, encouraging the free association and self-organization of citizens. 

Actively involved in gender issues for several years, the association started a process of internal discussion and training focusing on gender violence and inclusive language, including a communication campaign involving its 800 regional clubs. 

Our solution
Working side by side with activists from the association's regional clubs, we devised a communication campaign called "Fuori dai binari". We selected seemingly inconsequential cliches that actually bring sexism, the patriarchal culture and gender violence into everyday conversations and debunked them with an ironic tone of voice appropriate to all age groups.

To dismantle visual as well as verbal stereotypes, we produced an illustration showing three stylized figures similar to human bodies, but with unexpected shapes reflecting body diversity. These images were used both in the communication campaign circulated on social media with posts and stories and across the association's 800 clubs with multi-subject posters and gender-neutral bathroom stickers.
We used a contemporary, clear, easy-to-read sans serif font to make the message more impactful.

Color Palette
We used bright, vibrant colors to attract people's attention. The brilliant pop colors contrast with the black text in posters and posts and emphasize the message content.
Client | Arci Emilia Romagna - Italy
Project & Marketing Manager, Senior Copywriter | Elisa Coco
Chief Designer | Sara Catanzariti 
​​​​​​​Photographer  | Cecilia Fasciani​​​​​​​
Year - 2022
Arci | social media - social campaign

Arci | social media - social campaign