Red waterfalls
Altar of the Gods
Sleeping in a panic situation
Little cute green monster
Healing Touch
Spaceship crash in the sea
Sun king
Tribal Shaman
King Arthur
Rusty blue car
Survival Ladder
King Arthur
Fire Archer
Growing from the ashes
Hot space chick
Sea Witch
5 eyes
Man eating jungle
Paper man
Soul abduction
Skull crusher
Farewell at the station
Paper man
Warrior fairies
Abyssal horror
Child of the lake
Ninja from the future
Ninja from the future
Blood fairy
Reclaimed by nature
Beast of the forest
"Stealing fire from the gods" and "packing for a lifetime journey"
Stealing fire from the gods
The Diggers
The Diggers
Six-wheeled drive
Skeleton lord
Skeleton lord
Fire Sorceress
Crossing to the Spirit world
Overwhelming force
Struggling through the snow
Glowing hot weapon
Woman dancing in a tavern
World creator
World Creator
Time Wark
Orc Shaman
Orc Shaman
Lava falls
Lava Falls
Cyborg Dolphins
Fox with batteries
Snowy mountains
Hero in disguise
Evil Eye
The mad king
Bridge Cathedral
Teenage zombie
Domestic Weapon
This one started out as a 30 minute speedpaint over the topic "deathbed", but I wasn't satisfied with how it turned out, so I spend about an hour more on it and this is the result.