I'm not a radio
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    table clock design like radio
A Table clock, Time Tuner.
Now, time is on the line like itself, not circle!
Time Tuner isremarkably featuring the running time besides its minimal design may look likea radio for many people. However, in opposition to its first appearance it is atable clock and the only sound it makes is the music that you upload by USBcable and use as your customized alarm sound. 

The Time Turneris based on the linear flow of time and is using one single indicator for bothminutes and hours. The light of the numbers turns on when this indicator startsto move along and the lines between the lightened numbers of the clock and theindicator shows the minute. The minutes are shown in double lines group; onefor quarters and the other for 10 minutes for a convenient time reading. Thegray line indicates the time of the alarm and it is shorter than the red line,which shows the time. AM and PM indicators are positioned separately on the topcorners of the clock and this is another option easing to read the time. 

Theuser may set the time by using the control buttons at the bottom and may turnon and off the alarm by using the buttons placed on the top. The clock may beused by using two AA batteries or by charging it with USB cable. The TimeTurner can be purchased in silver, white or black and the dimensions are300x65x65mm.