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    Massive pen and ink doodles
I can't stop drawing
My doodles went big
One day I started drawing and didn't stop.

I didn't stop until the page was full. Just me and my ink pen on that sheet of clean white paper. This is what I love to do - doodle - I can just keep drawing. These pieces are my latest workings and I'm trying to build a collection of work. Each piece takes months and much thought despite being doodles.

My drawing (doodles, whatever you want to call them) are purely pen and ink, no prep work, no pencils, just go for it. The question I get asked is 'what if you make a mistake?' well that is just fine. Nothing is a mistake just not what was planned.

My inspiration is wide and varied from graffiti to my mind. Certain things take patterns, like food and... patterns themselves. I hope I never stop doing this.