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    Icons for all 16 Myers-Briggs personality types.
Myers-Briggs Type Icons
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Resunate had a partnership with Myers-Briggs. You could take a discounted Myers-Briggs Assessment with a subscription plan for Resunate. Resunate will help you personalize your interview for a job description by matching it against your Myers-Briggs type. It will then give you insight into your strengths for that position that can be utilized as talking points during an interview.

This project was to create a set of icons reflecting all 16 different Myers-Briggs types. The project offered a big challenge because the description for each type includes a lot of information. Also, a lot of the characteristics can overlap between types. I was charged with distilling each type into a singular simple icon that could be share on social networks.
I started by writing down all the one word characteristics of each type and then cutting out the ones that overlapped. I took those characteristics and did some word associations by finding synonyms. Then I cut down what I had to the top eight adjectives and did some simple stick figure sketches to work out the concept. Finally I created vector illustrations and refined them until the Myers-Briggs team felt that each type was well represented.
notes & sketches