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    illustrations for an animal-novel
My sister Anne wrote a wonderful novel about two friends Hyena and a Weasel, who go on an adventure to travel the world. At first it seems like a kids story, but all the jokes, sarcasm and parallels in it are especially fun for the grownups to read. 

She haven't found the publisher yet, but I started to illustrate it simultaneously as she wrote, chapter by chapter.

"Oh my darling Weasel, this is an extraordinarily tasty cup of tea," said Hyena as she felt the last sunbeams of the day on her mane. She was wearing a florid west and a daisy chain. The Weasel wasn't wearing, well, anything at all - he was naked, as always. As there wasn't much of a selection of clothes for his unusual body shape, he only dressed up for special occasions. "I am a nudist!" he declared when his family tried to make him wear the clothes of a Barbie doll. He wasn't a bashful weasel at all."