Typeface Patterns S2
A sequel set in black&white.
After four (!) years since first «Typeface Patterns» serie was made I'm proud to show you its aftermath.
Crafting is totally different since the old Trimar transfer is no longer working (old K toner are now out of production in Italy): hence I needed to find out something new.
This is the whole story!
Crafting process of the Typeface Patterns S2 set.
Each pattern is printed using a different rubber stamp. Actual size is 50x45 mm.
Rubber stamps give their own texture. I love it ^^
Envelope collection.
Each pack holds two buttons (1,5" and 1"). 1,5" buttons respect the size of the first serie and show best the pattern weave; 1" are introduced here to show the details. Both can be worn on every outfit.
R - Gotham
W - Bodoni
f - Caslon
£ - Gill Sans
& - Interstate
æ - Folio
ß - Officina Sans
y - Univers
Typeface Patterns S2
Based on:
«Grafiche A. Nava Stationery Design» by Max Huber
«Typographic Patterns» by Robert Ferrell
«Typeface Patterns» by Khaa Pins
Design, manifacture, packaging, shooting and editing by Khaa Pins
Khaa PINS - 2014