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Book cover design
The design of this book is based off the facts that the novel starts and ends in these deserted and derelict oil fields. The dead body of Rusty Ragan is kept here from the start of the novel and Carmen tries to end Detective Marlowe’s life there at the very end.
Oil fields are symbolic and are what made General Sternwood his millions. Therefore his money could be considered ‘dirty money’. The oil fields imply a degradation of morality and corruption.
The Big Sleep is a dark novel which lead me to use dark colours for the cover. It also adds to the sinister feel and stormy weather that is experienced in the novel.
The type is all set in Futura with generous spacing given to the uppercase text. I decided to go with Futura because of its geometric qualities and the fact that it is from the same time period as when the book was written.
The dust jacket that features a 1930s detective silhouette aims to show the point of view in which the novel is written. 
Book Cover
Dust Jacket
Digital Cover